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Lower Antelope Canyon  

Lower Antelope Canyon

Amazing Red Rock Country

December 25th 2014
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26th December 2014

The best blog ever!
What an incredible adventure, and what fabulous photos! I've always loved your blogs, but this one surpasses them all! I'm so impressed that you got reservations to visit the Antelope Canyon Slot Canyons--really, nothing compares to this! Once, back in the 80s, I went to Sedona for a Harmonic Convergence among the vortexes and New Agers. Then, every year, when I traveled from Santa Barbara to my summers in Santa Fe/Taos, I'd stop and hike Cathedral Rock or Boyton Canyon or .... As usual, your photos are superb! Best wishes in the coming year, and I look forward to seeing where the wind will take you.
27th December 2014

Red Rock fun!
Thanks for the nice compliment. Antelope Canyon was really pretty, but unbelievably crowded. Hard to take pictures there. We went hiking in Boynton Canyon yesterday. Even if you're are not a New Ager your energy level will definitely increase as you witness a gorgeous sunset over the Red Rock mountains. Cathedral Rock is gorgeous and we are frequent visitors. Our son lives in Santa Barbara and we visited briefly when we were in Joshua Tree. It was gorgeous!
30th December 2014

Santa Barbara!
I'm so glad you visited my beloved city and found it gorgeous! So many people just pass through on their way up or down the coast. I'd love to see you do a blog on SB--what amazing photos you'd have! I hope sometime, you also get to walk one of our trails in the front country--Cold Springs, Rattlesnake--so many! I guess if your son lives there, you've got plenty of time to do this. Happy New Year!

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