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Reminder of the Holocaust  

Reminder of the Holocaust

Plaques with names of people who perished in the placed outside the house where they used to live
Berlin - 2014

October 31st 2014
Two days in Berlin - too little but it was all we could take off from work this time Leonard Cohen once wrote the lines "First we take Manhattan then we take Berlin". We took his lyrics literally and, having visited Manhattan earlier this year, we headed off to Berlin for a weekend. We have been to Berlin before[/url ... read more
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German Flag As Europe's largest economy and most populous nation, Germany remains a key member of the continent's economic, political, and defense organizations. European power struggles immersed Germany in two devastating World Wars in the first half of the 20t... ... read more
16th November 2014

Beauty and tragedy
Wow, what a fantastic visit to one of my favorite cities! Your visit was so full of history and my heroes! Your hotel was in the great Humboldt's house, you saw a street named after Sophie and Hans Scholl, and visited the important Stasi Museum. I was in Berlin for a couple of weeks staying with a friend who grew up in East Berlin. She said that her aunt, whom no one in the family liked, was a member of the Stasi. She said that 1/3 of all East Germans were somehow forced to spy for the Stasi--scary, thinking you didn't know whom you could trust! Those plaques with the names of those who perished in the Holocaust were so sad--I saw them also in Santiago, Chile, for those who perished under Pinochet. Such beautiful cities, such past horrors. So important to remember! Thanks so much!
17th November 2014

1/3 is probably close to the truth
I have also heard that one third of all East Germans spied on the other two thirds. Try imagine living in a society that works like that. That's a scary thought. /Ake

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