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Out with the Old. In with the New.  

Out with the Old. In with the New.

A sad farewell to my old sandals which only cost $32 and lasted for 5 years of amazing adventures throughout the world. Mud, salt water,heat,steep hills, rivers, wind blown dust and dirt, even shopping, and lots and lots of miles of walking. Boo Hoo!!! You served me well.

July 28th 2014
Well. We are most impressed with Stavanger and the trip down was great. Seeing new country and having to catch the ferries. Travel is so easy now with all of us being able to go in one car as Chris and Hege have a new Nissen Qashqai 7 seater. So good to be able to travel together. While there we looked at a lot of sights and and the old town was very nice with the water front. Some shopping was do ... read more
Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen

Norwegian Flag Two centuries of Viking raids into Europe tapered off following the adoption of Christianity by King Olav TRYGGVASON in 994. Conversion of the Norwegian kingdom occurred over the next several decades. In 1397, Norway was absorbed into a union with De... ... read more
28th July 2014

I love the photos of shoes that have toured the world....they have so many stories to tell.

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