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papas de huacachina  

papas de huacachina

Helen eats the world part 3 - Peru

May 22nd 2014
Before we came to Peru the only things I knew about the food here was that they ate guinea pigs and alpaca. It came as a lovely surprise that Peru has delicious food that is as diverse as its geography. From hearty soups and potato dishes in the mountains to fresh ceviche on the coast, with a splash of Chinese and Japanese influence, you can eat well in any part of the country. Because of this I h ... read more
South America » Peru

Peruvian Flag Ancient Peru was the seat of several prominent Andean civilizations, most notably that of the Incas whose empire was captured by the Spanish conquistadors in 1533. Peruvian independence was declared in 1821, and remaining Spanish forces defeated in 1... ... read more
2nd June 2014

Foodie you two!
Great encapsulation and photos of Peruvian cuisine! I'm more of a veggie eater, now in Arequipa scarfing down the amazing varieties of tropical fruits, juices, potatoes, and huacachina sauce from the market. Your photos are so tempting, I might try some fishy beasts when I hit the coast. You really could be a food writer--I look forward to more of your blogs!
3rd June 2014

Thanks for reading, enjoy your time in Peru. Try the quinoa soup, super healthy.

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