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Back to school again...

March 9th 2013
Do you remember school at all? Do you remember enjoying it? Cause we do, but what we don’t remember it being so tiring….I suppose this was one thing we did not take into account when we decided to enroll to one of the Spanish schools in Antigua. You may think we were crazy to do it after all these months spent in Latin America, but we really though this through, we promise. Entry to Guatema ... read more
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Guatemalan Flag The Maya civilization flourished in Guatemala and surrounding regions during the first millennium A.D. After almost three centuries as a Spanish colony, Guatemala won its independence in 1821. During the second half of the 20th century, it experience... ... read more
17th May 2014

Life is an education
So excited for you that you are learning some more spanish. We'd love to take the time to do that but we have not done it yet. Sounds like you picked a great place to study. Your photos are amazing as always. Your stories makes me want to send them some sugar and candy.
18th May 2014

thank you
good to hear from you Dave and Merry:-) Yes, we enjoyed our stay a lot but really it was a combination of things:the classes, spending so much time with local people,the stories, the food etc Shame we don't use Spanish more often here in UK:-( we could do with some practice haha thanks for reading, B&T

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