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April 7th 2014
Ah Dublin….Dublin…..what to say about Dublin? If asked to describe it in one word? Dave says alive Merry Jo says joyful. One may or may not come to Dublin to pub crawl—not that there’s anything wrong with that…….. We have found however to properly immerse yourself into local culture you’ll end up in a few pubs. Our intent was to listen to ... read more
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Irish Flag Celtic tribes arrived on the island between 600-150 B.C. Invasions by Norsemen that began in the late 8th century were finally ended when King Brian BORU defeated the Danes in 1014. English invasions began in the 12th century and set off more than se... ... read more
8th April 2014

Awww, we miss you guys. This sounds like a very fun trip: "pub, pub, church, pub, pub (there are always two or three pubs outside each church) castle, pub, pub, library, pub, pub, nap. Pub, pub, chocolate shop, pub, pub literary pub crawl, pub, pub, story telling." Great photo btw. Love the idea of a literary pub crawl. ;)
8th April 2014

It was all we wanted it to be and more! Found several Irish beers that I like so all is good. The literary pub crawl and the story telling were a lot of fun.
29th April 2014

No J!
They're missing the J row. Do they have no J books?
30th April 2014

J is missing
I'll have to look through the other photos and see if I can find it. Odd.

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