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Valle de la Luna  

Valle de la Luna

From Smog to Sand: Visiting Chile's Capital City and the Atacama Desert

March 7th 2014
I got the itch to visit Chile after going to Argentina in 2009. The middle region of South America is a perfect place for me to visit during March coming off of the summer season. One thing I love about visiting South America is that it is a virtual unknown to most Americans. It seems that most planes flying out of the States don’t get farther south than Jamaica. My original destination was to b ... read more
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Chilean Flag Prior to the coming of the Spanish in the 16th century, northern Chile was under Inca rule while Araucanian Indians inhabited central and southern Chile; the latter were not completely subjugated until the early 1880s. Although Chile declared its ind... ... read more
28th March 2014

Great photos and adventures!
So glad you're exploring Chile, a country I love. I didn't do that glacier walk outside of Santiago, but it looked fantastic, and I love that you visited two of Neruda's homes. I look forward to your Patagonian sojourn. Thanks for the great photos and memories.
30th March 2014

Top Shot!
Five star shot!

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