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Trastevere Bike  

Trastevere Bike

The End of a Great Meal

March 21st 2014
It has been said that the mark of a good meal is when each course leaves you craving just one more bite. If you have too much of one flavor, you lose your desire for it. A perfect meal has a variety of courses, each complimentary to the others, however not so similar as to cause lack of interest. I think travel is similar. If a destination has primarily only one dimension, it is difficult ... read more
Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome

Italian Flag Italy became a nation-state in 1861 when the city-states of the peninsula, along with Sardinia and Sicily, were united under King Victor EMMANUEL II. An era of parliamentary government came to a close in the early 1920s when Benito MUSSOLINI establis... ... read more
23rd March 2014

Beautiful photo once again!
I seem to fall in love with every one of your photos containing a bicycle
26th March 2014

Ha Ha
I seem to take a lot of them. Maybe I'll put more in the next blog. Thanks!

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