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Shashamane to Addis Ababa

February 1st 2014
29 October, 2012 We in stopped in Shashamane, home to the Rastafari movement, for an afternoon en route to the capital. The population of the town is approximately 100,000 of which nowadays only 200-300 still call themselves Rastafarians, though numbers were as high as 2,000. The truck was parked at a café and we went out to the road to hail tuk tuks to drive us out to the area. I wasn't su ... read more
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Ethiopian Flag Unique among African countries, the ancient Ethiopian monarchy maintained its freedom from colonial rule, with the exception of the 1936-41 Italian occupation during World War II. In 1974 a military junta, the Derg, deposed Emperor Haile SELASSIE (wh... ... read more
3rd February 2014

When Haile Selassie visited Jamaica, it rained for 40 days & 40 nights so the Rasafarians declared him a god. In appreciation he granted them land for an enclave in Ethiopia. One of Ethiopian history's great stories. Lucky are you to have been to this enclave...and the above photo your testament. Ethiopia's history is one of the jewel of Africa's highlights. Enjoy.
4th February 2014

Thanks David!
Any additional information is always welcomed. Usually I try to add some but I fear I'm rushing a bit to get this finished before I travel in seven weeks!
5th February 2014


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