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Boy with his goat - Qala-e Panja, Afghanistan  

Boy with his goat - Qala-e Panja, Afghanistan

Detained in the Wakhan

May 30th 2013
Two unpredictable elements of travelling in Central Asia – officialdom and transport – conspired against me in my journey to one of the most remote regions on earth. The ribbon of land called the Wakhan Corridor – with the Hindu Kush and Pakistan on one side, with the Panj River and Tajikistan on the other. This is a rarely travelled route, so rare that I was the first tourist to journey alo ... read more
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Afghan Flag Afghanistan's recent history is a story of war and civil unrest. The Soviet Union invaded in 1979, but was forced to withdraw 10 years later by anti-Communist mujahidin forces. The Communist regime in Kabul collapsed in 1992. Fighting that subsequent... ... read more
7th July 2013

double cuteness!
a child with an animal=max cuteness factor. but poor goatie seems to have a sore paw :(

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