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Walking fish
Somewhere near to nowhere

March 2nd 2013
Kalimantan, I have been here for almost two weeks now and if I have noticed one thing is that you get somewhere near to nowhere on a daily basis. Not because the destinations I have been to are so far flung, but because transport is so slow, and this in turn it caused by the abysmal condition of the roads. It didn’t come as a surprise, I knew what to expect, and quite frankly I am exactly where ... read more
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Indonesian Flag The Dutch began to colonize Indonesia in the early 17th century; the islands were occupied by Japan from 1942 to 1945. Indonesia declared its independence after Japan's surrender, but it required four years of intermittent negotiations, recurring hos... ... read more
4th March 2013

I think this is the first mudskipper I've seen on TB -- very cool! Your transportation stories were hilarious and I'm glad you survived the last one.
10th March 2013

Really, the first one?
Well, I think they deserve a place on TravelBlog. Thanks for reading and looking at the pics.

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