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Himba boys playing see-saw  

Himba boys playing see-saw


December 1st 2006
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Namibian Flag South Africa occupied the German colony of South-West Africa during World War I and administered it as a mandate until after World War II, when it annexed the territory. In 1966 the Marxist South-West Africa People's Organization (SWAPO) guerrilla gr... ... read more
27th November 2014

Request for copyright
I am busy writing a module on turning effects (moment) am looking for local example to use (Namibia). Am hereby requesting permission to use the picture of the Himba boys as an example. The picture will be used strictly for educational purposes. Please forward me the copyright information so that I can reference and acknowledge it accordingly. Thank you in advance.
18th December 2014

Use of picture
Yes, if for education purpose. I sent u an email

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