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Cliffs of Latrabjarg  

Cliffs of Latrabjarg

in summer full of puffins
Wickedly Wonderful Western Fjords of Iceland

August 28th 2012
One of the many things we have observed to this point is that there does not appear to be many trees here. The relative youth of the nation geologically precludes their growth. To this point, our guide guggabraga asked if we knew what to do if we got lost in an Icelandic forest. After a few seconds of thought on our part, she told us “you stand up!” Okay then…. Visitors to Icel ... read more
Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Ísafjördur

Icelandic Flag Settled by Norwegian and Celtic (Scottish and Irish) immigrants during the late 9th and 10th centuries A.D., Iceland boasts the world's oldest functioning legislative assembly, the Althing, established in 930. Independent for over 300 years, Iceland ... ... read more
5th September 2012

Cliffs of Moher
Very reminiscent of the Cliffs of Moher in western Ireland. Beautiful!
6th September 2012

Hi Bob,
Good hearing from you and thanks for following along. We have not made it to Ireland is on our list.

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