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light challenge  

light challenge

4th of July dive: Lighthouse Reef, Cayman I

July 4th 2012
First dive. We flew into Grand Cayman late last night arrived just before they closed the car rental place so we didn’t have to take a taxi to Sunshine Suites. Good start. We caught up with Everet and Essy expert critter finders in the Caymans. Awesome. We signed up for 3 dives at the Lighthouse reef. Everet and Essy took us to the shallows north of the pier where we saw Tritonias laying eggs, p ... read more
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Caymanian Flag The Cayman Islands were colonized from Jamaica by the British during the 18th and 19th centuries. Administered by Jamaica since 1863, they remained a British dependency after 1962 when the former became independent.... ... read more
11th July 2012

The Austraeolis catina. While your photos and mine and Cindy all look like this they don't look like the A.catina in the books. I am told it has fat cerata. We have wondered if it is a Facelinidae member similar to A.Catina but not the same but we aren't the experts.
12th July 2012

hmmm You are prob right.

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