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Luggage arrived!  

Luggage arrived!

Arrived in South Africa

March 16th 2012
March 16, 2012 (Johannesburg) After a bumpy but otherwise uneventful Delta Flight 200, a full wide body 777 landed in Johannesburg after 14 hours and 27 minutes of flying. As typical, it was cramped and a fully booked flight, but overall quite smooth. A meal and two snacks ate up some of the time and I watched a movie (J Edgar Hoover) and a few reruns of The Big Bang, snoozed a bit and wandered ar ... read more
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South African Flag After the British seized the Cape of Good Hope area in 1806, many of the Dutch settlers (the Boers) trekked north to found their own republics. The discovery of diamonds (1867) and gold (1886) spurred wealth and immigration and intensified the subjug... ... read more
16th March 2012

Glad you guys arrived safely!
What an exciting adventure lies ahead. I'm sure your knowledge will be much appreciated by the people of this village. Can't wait to hear more!

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