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Nyiragongo Volcano  

Nyiragongo Volcano

Walking on the edge of fire

November 27th 2011
This was a detour that we both were not expecting and to be sleeping on the rim of Africa’s most active volcano, which happens to be in not so safe DR of the Congo, was a chance we grabbed. </span> How we come to this adventure started a couple of weeks prior to this when we read a blog of another blogger ‘Freespirt’ who has done this earlier and left some contact details at the botto ... read more
Africa » Congo Democratic Republic » East » Goma

Congolese or Congo Flag Established as a Belgian colony in 1908, the Republic of the Congo gained its independence in 1960, but its early years were marred by political and social instability. Col. Joseph MOBUTU seized power and declared himself president in a November 1965... ... read more
27th November 2011

Great photo! How did you do it?
29th November 2011

Thanks for the comment. well for the picture we are not to sure how we done that.. It took many attempts to finally get it right. It was something to do with changing the ISO (another guy told us) and it came out like that.

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