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Mornin Teacha! 0035

Killi is a funny mountain, sometimes it looks very small, like you could walk up it in an afternoon, other times it looks huge.
Mornin Teacha!

November 13th 2011
Hello everyone! This is coming from wonderful Tanzania, I am so sorry for the lack of blog posts recently, I have been busy, yes, busy. After lacking any constructive focus for the last seven months, I decided to hook up with a small NGO for a few weeks. I have been very skeptical of volunteering and any organization that I was going to give my time and money to had to fulfill three basic cr ... read more
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Tanzanian Flag Shortly after independence, Tanganyika and Zanzibar merged to form the nation of Tanzania in 1964. One-party rule came to an end in 1995 with the first democratic elections held in the country since the 1970s. Zanzibar's semi-autonomous status and po... ... read more
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