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Don’t Ever ask a Romanian for directions… 22 -

Don’t Ever ask a Romanian for directions…

August 23rd 2011
No matter how good their English is don’t whatever you do ask a Romanian for directions. It was 9pm and the taxi driver explained that this is Unirii Square our agreed stop off so I could save 5euros instead of my hostel. A large square built during the dictator Ceausescu days that’s not far from my accommodation. The street I need to ask for is only one street away from the square. I see a ... read more
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Romanian Flag The principalities of Wallachia and Moldavia - for centuries under the suzerainty of the Turkish Ottoman Empire - secured their autonomy in 1856; they united in 1859 and a few years later adopted the new name of Romania. The country gained recognitio... ... read more
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