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Pipefish : Seahorses Trying to Go Straight  

Pipefish : Seahorses Trying to Go Straight

Nobody Does It Better

December 10th 2010
Every once in a while something comes along so good it just completely blows your socks off. As a youngster, full of the joys of spring, this sort of thing happens all the time: Sparklers, Scalextrix, Star-Wars, and Special Brew spring to mind, hopefully roughly in that order. As time slides by, though the spacing of these superlatives starts to stretch, and it becomes significantly harder to fin ... read more
Oceania » Palau » Koror

Palauan Flag After three decades as part of the UN Trust Territory of the Pacific under US administration, this westernmost cluster of the Caroline Islands opted for independence in 1978 rather than join the Federated States of Micronesia. A Compact of Free Assoc... ... read more
20th December 2012

What a great shot!

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