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Last view of the Treasury  

Last view of the Treasury

Petra - A Listed Wonder

March 9th 2011
Petra, the jewel in the crown of Jordan’s tourism. A monumental piece of architecture from over 2000 years ago and the highlight of many a persons trip to Jordan. We were no different. I had read some interesting quotes on Petra, but the one that amused me the most was about the Monastery…. As impressive as the entrance was, it was still a cave. Yes, it has good “Kerb Appeal”, but o ... read more
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Jordanian Flag For most of its history since independence from British administration in 1946, Jordan was ruled by King HUSSEIN (1953-99). A pragmatic ruler, he successfully navigated competing pressures from the major powers (US, USSR, and UK), various Arab states... ... read more
7th April 2011

haha, was so funny reading your little part on the chinese woman. it really sums up china as a whole. i lived there for 5 months and that was the one thing i could not get used to. Men, women, young and old just spit everywhere!!

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