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Bellasis House  

Bellasis House

(the mansion I had to scrub)
The Last Leg Of The England Race

February 13th 2004
After three and a half weeks in sunny South Africa we returned back to cold rainy England to complete our final big push. It was exciting once again, we were moving home and starting new jobs! This time we headed for the lush green country side, where we stayed in a 2 bedroomed cottage on my new boss' estate. It was gorgeous, up on Box Hill with awesome views of rolling hills on their land and no ... read more
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British Flag Great Britain, the dominant industrial and maritime power of the 19th century, played a leading role in developing parliamentary democracy and in advancing literature and science. At its zenith, the British Empire stretched over one-fourth of the ear... ... read more
30th August 2012

Bellasis House
This beautiful house that you scrubbed is where as a child I used to go carol singing ! Always mince pies were served by Weeks the butler, sometimes liquour chocolates and a load of money was always placed in our charity box for the building of St Andrews Church. We sung in our muddy boots on the plush carpets ! Steeped in history, Bellasis House was owned by Brigadier Schrieber in my time. I was born on Boxhill and spent my childhood there.
31st August 2012

Bellasis House
Thanks for the info! Interesting to find out the history behind it! Beside the kitchen and bathroom upgrades I'm sure not much could've changed:)
6th June 2013

Bellasis House History in WW II
The Bellasis House is a great place for Czechoslovak (not only) military history. It served during the WW II as a Special Training School No 2 (STS 2) of the Special Operations Executive (SOE). Even the members of the team ANTHROPOID (WO Jan Kubis and WO Josef Gabcik) who killed SS-Obergruppenfuehrer Reinhard Heydrich in Prague on 27th May 1942 were trained here fro 8th November till 28th December 1941. I have extraordinary interest for your photo of the house (I have only historical one :-) ). Please would you be so kind and contact me via email? With all the best Colonel Dr. Eduard Stehlik, Czech Army
18th November 2015

My first job was as an apprentice gardener at Bellasis House in late 1963
When I left school in 1963, my father was the under gardener for a short while at Bellasis House, on Box Hill for Brigadier Schrieber, my father insisted that my job on leaving school was as an apprentice gardener under himself. While I worked there we lived in one of the tied cottages next to Bellasis House, one thing I remember was the coming out party that was given for the Brigadier's daughter Susan on her 18th birthday, what I cannot remember though, is what pop group sang at the party, (was it Cliff and the Shadows?) I remember helping to show all the posh cars with their chauffeur's to their parking places, if anyone reading this remembers the group that played there, please let me know.
19th November 2015

That is such an awesome experience! Thanks for sharing, these buildings hold so many stories:)

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