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16 Copacabana  

Copacabana & La Paz 16 Copacabana

Copacabana & La Paz

November 26th 2010
Mon 22 to Fri 26 Nov – Copacabana & La Paz, Bolivia 06:00 alarm (getting used to this now) to catch a TourPeru bus to Copacabana in Bolivia (still on the banks of Lake Titicaca) 3 hour journey – 2 hours driving and 1 hour doing paperwork to cross the border. 1: Queue to get Bolivian money then back on bus 2: Queue to show passport and paperwork 3: Queue to get passport stamp ... read more
South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department

Bolivian Flag Bolivia, named after independence fighter Simon BOLIVAR, broke away from Spanish rule in 1825; much of its subsequent history has consisted of a series of nearly 200 coups and counter-coups. Comparatively democratic civilian rule was established in 1... ... read more
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