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Wheres Dan  

Wheres Dan

Everest Trek part eight, Gorak Shep to Everest Base Camp

June 3rd 2010
EVEREST BASE CAMP (EBC) 5340m high 3/6/10: Jacinta woke up feeling fine; she had no headache and the bed rest the day earlier really payed off. Although we had a restless sleep and packet noodles for breakfast we had a great start to the morning. Halfway into the walk we heard a massive thunder followed by the sound of what can only be described as a ragging torrent of water or a flooded river co ... read more
Asia » Nepal » Himalayas

Nepalese Flag In 1951, the Nepalese monarch ended the century-old system of rule by hereditary premiers and instituted a cabinet system of government. Reforms in 1990 established a multiparty democracy within the framework of a constitutional monarchy. A Maoist in... ... read more
15th August 2011

mate thanks for the awsome travel blog, me and my wife are planning to got to Central asia in Novemeber and we both spent days reading your blogs. Very inspiring Thanks!!

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