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Carrying My Lunch  

Carrying My Lunch

Ninilchick, Alaska, USA
Ninilchick And The Cook Inlet: Kayaking And An Early Morning With The Salmon

May 31st 2010
Water Sports Kel had done a doozy of a job when it came to planning our trip. Unlike our previous trips where we showed up in a country and did our best to figure out what to do once we got there, this time we (and by we, I mean she) were prepared. Almost every day we had an activity planned. And it all started with our first day in Anchor Point. Despite being totally inexperienced, we were ... read more
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American Flag Britain's American colonies broke with the mother country in 1776 and were recognized as the new nation of the United States of America following the Treaty of Paris in 1783. During the 19th and 20th centuries, 37 new states were added to the origina... ... read more
1st December 2010

Really a great shot!

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