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Second mode of river transport  

Second mode of river transport

Ben relaxing while our poor guide swam pulling us along!
Floods, Mudslides, and Volcano sliding!

May 26th 2010
Leon Take 1 Next up for us was the colonial city of Leon. This was once Nicaragua's capital, until Managua took over in 1857 due to the aggressive rivalry between Liberal Leon and Conservative Granada - a bit like Canberra being made capital in Australia to stop the bickering between Melbourne and Sydney, but with more civil war. It is similar to Granada but less shiny and colourful, a ... read more
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Nicaraguan Flag The Pacific Coast of Nicaragua was settled as a Spanish colony from Panama in the early 16th century. Independence from Spain was declared in 1821 and the country became an independent republic in 1838. Britain occupied the Caribbean Coast in the fir... ... read more
9th June 2010

oh my!
this picture looks highly dodgy!

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