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3 amigos on the road  

Demystifying C-O-L-O-M-B-I-A 3 amigos on the road

Demystifying C-O-L-O-M-B-I-A

April 12th 2010
"Colombia - the only risk is wanting to stay." So there I was, cruising somewhere over the Caribbean Sea, high in the sky, starring at this rather aggressive marketing tagline, displayed boldly in the travel section of Continental Airlines' publication. Having been to Colombia once before on an ephemeral, alcohol-induced 10 hour layover, it's safe to say that I really didn't know what to expec ... read more
South America » Colombia » Cartagena

Colombian Flag Colombia was one of the three countries that emerged from the collapse of Gran Colombia in 1830 (the others are Ecuador and Venezuela). A 40-year insurgent campaign to overthrow the Colombian Government escalated during the 1990s, undergirded in part... ... read more
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