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182 000 glass shards, one for every murdered Kurd  

The New Iraq 182 000 glass shards, one for every murdered Kurd

And 5000 light bulbs, one for every Kurdish village destroyed
The New Iraq

October 23rd 2009
For more of my photos, or to buy my book, please visit Before you read ahead, forget everything you know about Iraq. The ancient Mesopotamian ruins of Ur and Nineveh, where civilization began and writing and law codes were invented, the site of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the purported location of the Garden of Eden, ... read more
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Iraqi Flag Formerly part of the Ottoman Empire, Iraq was occupied by Britain during the course of World War I; in 1920, it was declared a League of Nations mandate under UK administration. In stages over the next dozen years, Iraq attained its independence as a... ... read more
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