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Big cat diaries, part 2 034

Big cat diaries, part 2

July 9th 2009
Our luck from the Serengeti does hold. We camp on the crater rim, and take the jeeps down at dawn. The Crater is an immense sight... 18km across, home to an almost self-contained eco-system complete with elephants, zebra, lions, cheetah and hippos. It was created by the eruption of an enormous volcano, higher than Mount Kilimanjaro, which left the larget intact caldera on the plant. From the rim, ... read more
Africa » Tanzania » North » Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Tanzanian Flag Shortly after independence, Tanganyika and Zanzibar merged to form the nation of Tanzania in 1964. One-party rule came to an end in 1995 with the first democratic elections held in the country since the 1970s. Zanzibar's semi-autonomous status and po... ... read more
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