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male proboscis monkey (Nasalis larvatus)  

male proboscis monkey (Nasalis larvatus)

Planet Of The Tobys

August 4th 2009
How do I sum up Bako National Park? It stinking hot and there's no water. On the last night there was no power either. It hasn't rained at Bako in quite a long time and their dam is almost empty. Sometimes the toilets flushed, mostly they didn't. Sometimes there was a trickle of water from the taps, mostly there wasn't. The streams in the forest were reduced to small puddles filled with dead leave ... read more
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Malaysian Flag During the late 18th and 19th centuries, Great Britain established colonies and protectorates in the area of current Malaysia; these were occupied by Japan from 1942 to 1945. In 1948, the British-ruled territories on the Malay Peninsula formed the Fe... ... read more
27th May 2010

how did you get this shot?
I was in Borneo last summer but had such a hard time getting a decent shot of these guys as they stayed quite high in the canopy. What kind of lens did you use?

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