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Beaches and a 'Deco' City Photo 4

Beaches and a 'Deco' City

June 28th 2009
Day 820 (28/06/09) After saying our goodbyes to Kate and Danny and making an early transfer to the airport in Mexico we got on our flight to Miami. Just a couple of hours later with customs and formalities over with we jumped in a cab and before we knew it we were installed in our hostel in Miami just off Ocean Drive. With the afternoon still ours to squander we used the local looping bus to ... read more
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American Flag Britain's American colonies broke with the mother country in 1776 and were recognized as the new nation of the United States of America following the Treaty of Paris in 1783. During the 19th and 20th centuries, 37 new states were added to the origina... ... read more
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