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The beautiful Cape York Peninsula 912

Murdoch Pt. (tree was here in '06, but the rest of the greenery wasn't - cyclone swept clean)
The beautiful Cape York Peninsula

May 2nd 2009
NOTE: I'm currently in Cairns as I'm writing this - there was no internet access in Seisia. (it is now a couple of days after finishing the trip) Days 76=>87: Cape Flattery (41 miles), Murdoch Pt (38), Cape Melville (44), Combe Pt. (20), Claremont Pt. (40), Cape Sidmouth (41), Cape Direction (42), Fair Cape (38), Cape Grenville (32), Captain Billy Landing (35), Ussher Pt (36), Seisia (56) 22 ... read more
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Australian Flag Aboriginal settlers arrived on the continent from Southeast Asia about 40,000 years before the first Europeans began exploration in the 17th century. No formal territorial claims were made until 1770, when Capt. James COOK took possession in the name... ... read more
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