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Human Conveyor Belt Team  

Human Conveyor Belt Team

Build Day #6

August 30th 2008
Saturday was a half day at the jobsite. The rains came during the night, and we needed to swab the decks to continue to lay wall block. Thanks to your prayers, we had sunny weather later in the day. The Aerial Soffit Crew climbed the scaffolding for one last day up in the air. They did an amazing job this week on Building #7 -- the soffit looks GREAT. We also continued to lay the blo ... read more
Europe » Poland » Silesia » Gliwice

Polish Flag Poland is an ancient nation that was conceived near the middle of the 10th century. Its golden age occurred in the 16th century. During the following century, the strengthening of the gentry and internal disorders weakened the nation. In a series of ... ... read more
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