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Beautiful downtown Casablanca  

Beautiful downtown Casablanca

Though it's got a BIT of Parisian flavor, you have to wonder: what were those French urban planners thinking?
Rabat and Casablanca - The Urban Moroccan Experience

January 4th 2008
Rabat and Casablanca got placed on our agenda not so much because we wanted to see them as much as they were in our way, their positions on the Atlantic making them unavoidable if we wanted to follow the coast road south. Both turned out to have their own interest (or are we simply interestable?) making them worth the few days we spent in each. Rabat was the logical place to meet the coast on ... read more
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Moroccan Flag In 788, about a century after the Arab conquest of North Africa, successive Moorish dynasties began to rule in Morocco. In the 16th century, the Sa'adi monarchy, particularly under Ahmad AL-MANSUR (1578-1603), repelled foreign invaders and inaugurate... ... read more
9th July 2010

What is Casablanca?
By definition, Casablanca is a French city. When France took power, Casablanca was a small city of around 40,000. Today, it stands at 3-4 million if not more. In order for this to happen, France re-planned the entire place. It really feels like Moroccans took over a part of France that only rains for half the year.

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