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Long Way to Go  

Long Way to Go

Not even to the sixth station yet and we are tired!

September 6th 2005
Fulfilling the Dream.... Before I cam to Japan I knew there was certain things I wanted to do. The first thing was to hike Mt. Fuji, referred to as Fuji-san. I was planning a trip and discovered it was going to be very very expensive just to get to the mountain. My hopes of climbing Fuji were dwindling. Then I found out that the ken was planning a trip for us all to go on. I was elated!!! ... read more
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Japanese Flag In 1603, a Tokugawa shogunate (military dictatorship) ushered in a long period of isolation from foreign influence in order to secure its power. For 250 years this policy enabled Japan to enjoy stability and a flowering of its indigenous culture. Fol... ... read more
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