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10 togrog note  

Love Mongolia:) 10 togrog note

Worth 0.5p. Nico's spending money for the rest of the week in Mongolia.
Love Mongolia:)

May 13th 2007
Highlights of Ulanbaatar: Surviving crossing the road When the green man shows that's the signal for the pedestrian vs car battle to commence. Mongolians drivers take no prisoners - you in the road just gives them something to aim for. My normal way of crossing roads is new places is to watch what the locals do and then follow suit. In Mongolia, they mostly scream and run, with or without their e ... read more
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Mongolian Flag The Mongols gained fame in the 13th century when under Chinggis KHAN they conquered a huge Eurasian empire. After his death the empire was divided into several powerful Mongol states, but these broke apart in the 14th century. The Mongols eventually ... ... read more
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