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Kalevi windmill  

Kalevi windmill

Kalevi windmill is one of only three Dutch windmills on Öland
Sweden 2021 part IV - Windmills on Öland

April 8th 2021
Windmills en masse We might as well begin by admitting that we cheat a little bit this time. Some of the text, which isn't much in the first place, we have simply copied from other blog entries we have written. But we spend much time writing all the other blog entries that we think that once in a while we can allow ourselves to put together one entry where we don't have to write q ... read more
Europe » Sweden » Kalmar County » Vimmerby

Swedish Flag A military power during the 17th century, Sweden has not participated in any war in almost two centuries. An armed neutrality was preserved in both World Wars. Sweden's long-successful economic formula of a capitalist system interlarded with substant... ... read more
4th July 2021

What makes them different?
5th July 2021

New technology
The small ones were built using an older kind of technology. They were built small because they were forced to move the entire windmill around to adjust for the wind. Later they learned how to build them so that only the top had to be adjusted. Then the rest of the windmill could be build larger and heavier since it was resting on the ground. /Ake

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