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view through the roadhouse toilet  

view through the roadhouse toilet

Valley of the low sun in Vang Vieng

January 24th 2020
When the buffaloes fight, it is the grass that suffers… ~ Lao Proverb HE SAID... Today we were travelling south from Luang Prabang to Vang Vieng. After bearing witness to monks collecting alms from devotees (and non-devoted tourists) in the old city centre of Luang Prabang, we made our way back to Hotel Legend in pre-dawn darkness to finalise our packs and pre ... read more
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Lao or Laotian Flag Laos was under the control of Siam (Thailand) from the late 18th century until the late 19th century when it became part of French Indochina. The Franco-Siamese Treaty of 1907 defined the current Lao border with Thailand. In 1975, the Communist Pathe... ... read more
29th July 2020

Best view in the house?
Would make people spend more time in the loo than usual. Lol
3rd August 2020

Re: Best view in the house?
There were a few people who walked in / waited in line just to get a photo :)

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