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St Mark's Basilica  

St Mark's Basilica

Fabled centre of old Venice
Around the Adriatic: Italy - Venice, Tuesday, 2019 April 16

April 16th 2019
At long last I have visited Venice! From Trieste, two hours on the high-speed motorway brought us to within sight of the island. Unfortunately for the truckers beside us, who must stay in the right-hand lane, a mysterious cause had them at a complete stand-still in a line several kilometres long. We parked in a large facility with a parkade for cars and a surface lot for buses. With strict instr ... read more
8th July 2020

I have a massive soft spot for Venice despite the massive crowds. Your description of meandering through small lanes and finding fabulous shops brought back lots of happy memories of getting lost in Venice :)
14th July 2020

Marvelous Venice
Getting lost is easy! And fun.

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