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Sunset above the clouds...  

Sunset above the clouds...

...think that's Mt. Meru in the background...
Non-Stop to the Top: Kilimanjaro!

October 20th 2019
So our first "what the h*ll were we thinking?" moment came on our cab ride from Arusha to Moshi, when our driver pointed out the mountain in first I thought he was referring to this gradually sloping hill covered in trees, but was soon corrected as the clouds (yes clouds) parted and the peak revealed itself...Kilimanjaro! The ice-capped, tallest free-standing mountain in the world wa ... read more
Africa » Tanzania » North » Mount Kilimanjaro

Tanzanian Flag Shortly after independence, Tanganyika and Zanzibar merged to form the nation of Tanzania in 1964. One-party rule came to an end in 1995 with the first democratic elections held in the country since the 1970s. Zanzibar's semi-autonomous status and po... ... read more
30th January 2020

Majestic Mountains
Kilimanjaro is on everyone's Wish List. Well done it embraced yours. I have posted this pic of Mt Meru in TB'S "Majestic Mountains" thread in the Photography Forum. Check 'em out.
31st January 2020

Thanks Dave!
Very cool, didn't even know the forum existed, thanks for posting these there...

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