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Umlujj area rock mapping  

Umlujj area rock mapping

Saudi Arabian beauty - Alula and Umlujj

November 9th 2019
Now that Saudi Arabia has opened up and embraced tourism, I feel that I can post some of my experiences I have had there in the past year while working on various projects. Our company has a large presence there and since it is so big, we often need to help out from our Dubai (regional) office. I am currently helping to train the geologists and engineers while we put a new structure in place. Addi ... read more
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Saudi or Saudi Arabian Flag In 1902, ABD AL-AZIZ bin Abd al-Rahman Al Saud captured Riyadh and set out on a 30-year campaign to unify the Arabian Peninsula. A son of ABD AL-AZIZ rules the country today, and the country's Basic Law stipulates that the throne shall remain in the ... ... read more
23rd November 2019

Thank you for opening Saudi Arabia to us Travelbloggers as well.

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