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Calle de los Suspiros  

Calle de los Suspiros

Day-visit to Colonia del Sacramento

August 26th 2019
While still in Buenos Aires, Argentina before the wedding, I came with the idea to visit Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay. I was willing to go by myself if others weren't interested to join. I went with three of Gidi's friends: Stefano (Italy), Yaron (Israel) and Adrien (France). We took the ferry in the morning from Puerto Madero in Buenos Aires and crossed Rio de la Plata towards Colonia. ... read more
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Uruguayan Flag A violent Marxist urban guerrilla movement, the Tupamaros, launched in the late 1960s, led Uruguay's president to agree to military control of his administration in 1973. By yearend, the rebels had been crushed, but the military continued to expand i... ... read more
3rd September 2019

I would love Colonia del Sacramento
I can see from your photos and also from reading your blog that I would love Colonia del Sacramento. It will probably be a few years until I make it there though. It is far to South America from Europe. /Ake
4th September 2019

It is a small but interesting place. Yes I can understand, from Europe you'll have to plan a long trip if possible so you can visit 3 or more countries.

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