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Oceans and Seas » Atlantic May 6th 2013

Got up late, lost another hour. We had our latte and croissants out on the balcony with pjs and a robe's chilly! We went up at 11:20 and got an egg, toast and oj. We saw Bobbie and Annie and they had just gotten up. Breakfast was over so they got fruit and a roll. The weather is pretty foggy-kind of like pea soup. Ken walked on the outside deck 7 and slipped a few times, cut his thumb catching himself. He won't try that again; there is a full gym upstairs. We spent most of the day reading. We skipped lunch since we are going to the Crown Grill to celebrate Bobbie's birthday. We had a wonderful dinner; our table was next to a window looking out at the sea. Our choices: Appetizer: Grilled ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic May 5th 2013

Up at 8:10. Ken got our lattes and croissants and we sat on the balcony. The sky is very cloudy and it is a lot cooler.....58 degrees....brrrr. I think our weather is going to be different now as we head north. 3226 nautical miles since we left Ft Lauderdale and 324 more miles to reach Dublin. We walked on deck 7 and then went up for an egg on toast. We looked at the photos that the photographers on the ship have taken. We bought our Embarkation one-pretty good. One night they took single shots of us at dinner. We found ours-not bad; two photos down from Ken's was an elderly man that could pass for his dad!! He is adopted so you never know! We went back to the room and read for a couple ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic May 3rd 2013

Normal morning EXCEPT we lost another hour and we woke up at 10 am. We are now 4 hrs ahead of Atlanta time. Tomorrow we arrive in Porta Delgado. We are taking a 4x4 jeep tour. I'll have to set the alarm!Ken got our lattes and we sat on the balcony. Annie heard us; (they are next door to us) they had just gotten up too, so Bobbie went and got their lattes and they joined us. It was nearly noon when Ken and Bobbie went up to our favorite spot on the deck while Annie and I went to a $10 sale. I bought a few things; Annie didn't get anything. It's another beautiful sunny day-68 degrees. As Annie and I joined the guys, I went to sit on end of my lounge chair and ... read more

Oceans and Seas May 2nd 2013

Lost another hour sailing east. Got up around 8:30, Ken went and got lattes for our routine; drinking them on our balcony. We had breakfast upstairs (didn't see Bobbie and Annie). As we were walking around we saw them. We went to exchange some dollars for euros (not good) for our visits coming up, bought some t-shirts (2 for $20), toothpaste and laundry soap then headed to deck 7 to walk. I had just enough time to shower before my massage, which was wonderful. Annie had a facial. I was waiting for Annie after my massage. A lady about my age asked me how my massage was and we started chatting. She said she was treating herself because her husband had spent 4x his allotted amount for gambling: $1600 instead of the $400 allotment. She then ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic May 1st 2013

I didn't sleep well last night. I'm reading a book "Dark Places" by Gillian Flynn-a murder thriller. I had a dream that Ken had murdered some people and was running from the law. So weird and disturbing! Anyway we woke to another beautiful sunny day, 68 degrees. Ken went down and got our coffee and we drank it on the balcony. We haven't seen any sea life.....we'll keep looking. We went up for breakfast: egg on English muffin, bacon, fruit. As soon as we finished Annie and Bobbie showed up so we sat with them while they ate. We walked up to the Skywalker's lounge. It's the highest you can get on the ship. It's a beautiful view. We were going to go to the Line Dancing class but when we saw how beautiful it was ... read more

Oceans and Seas April 30th 2013

I set the alarm for 7 am for Ken's massage appointment. He got up and I went back to sleep. The next thing I know he was back in bed, returned from his great massage. We fell back asleep and slept through breakfast. At 11:30 (we did lose another hour heading east) we got up and headed to the Piazzo for coffee. We see Annie and Bobbie- they had just gotten up too! So we headed up to the Lido deck for lunch. I had Ham and roasted cauliflower, Ken had a salad and a slice of ham, Annie had fruit, jello and a cookie, Bobbie-the same as Annie. Afterwards I bought some Clinique lotion and we headed back to our room. Ken is still so relaxed from the massage he wants to lay down; he's ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic April 29th 2013

Ken woke me about 7:40. He had a latte for me so I couldn't complain. After I woke up a bit by sipping my latte on the balcony, we headed up for breakfast. It's definitely cooler today as we head north. We ate on the very back deck of the ship: eggs, bacon, croissant and fruit. As we were walking back inside we saw Bobbie so we joined him and Annie while they ate their breakfast. I have a massage at 2 pm today and Annie decided to have one too so we went up to the spa to book the appointment. Annie went back to the room and Bobbie, Kenny and I decided to go to deck 7-the walking deck; you can walk the outside perimeter of the ship 3 X for one mile. We ... read more

Oceans and Seas April 28th 2013

One thing I forgot to mention about our 'Sail Away' yesterday, 30 minutes after we left there was an announcement that we were turning around...some kind of medical emergency. We never knew what happened. I believe the captain made up the time during the night because the boat was really rocking and rolling. Kenny and I don't get motion sickness so the movement kind of lulls us to sleep. Kenny got up first and he took a walk on the ship. He came back and I woke up. He said he didn't see but 12 people around the ship. I forgot to say that the average age of the guests on this ship is probably around 75. I really am serious. That doesn't bother me, it makes for a quiet time; also this cruise is not ... read more

Oceans and Seas April 22nd 2013

I'm writting this on my last leg of a crazy little JFK, ready to head home...ASAP! Do you consider yourself travelling when you take a metro ride to go for a lunch or dinner with friends that you haven't seen for a while. Well, I don' this is maybe not about travelling...expect that prior and after the metro ride, I had to add a few plane rides the last two weeks. Travelling is not only about's not only about discovery new can simply be about seeing your good friends...about people.... Well, and how do you do when they are all around...the world... This is my fifth round-the-world, and for sure the most crazy one, done in less than 15 days. Trust me, that's not the fun part about it. But being a single ... read more
Pisco Sour and TB...Lima...

Oceans and Seas April 8th 2013

We flew to Sydney the day before departure and stayed over night in a studio room at the Napoleon Hotel at the corner of Napoleon and Kent streets. It was very pleasant, not too noisy, and very close to the departure warf. Next morning we visited the Opera House then dragged our cases to the warf in the afternoon. Days 1, 2 and 3. On departure there was some excitement as some yachts were on a collision course with the ship and directed to clear the area by the pilot boat. Unfortunately the sail boarder capsized in front of the ship, so the ship had to divert to avoid him/her. After clearing the Heads the sea was a bit rough and some passengers were seasick although the ship was not moving much. Astronomer Lesa Moore (Starry ... read more
Sailboarder falls
Airlie Beach Lagoon

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