Depart for Haiti

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April 11th 2014
Published: August 19th 2014
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I leave for Haiti tonight. I am working with a group called Grace4Haiti based out of Nebraska. The core group has operating every day in the hospital. I already have 8 cases lined up, and will manage any of the orthopaedic trauma that comes through.

I will be staying in a barracks type of setting, and the meals are prepared by two women who work in the home. There is no hot water, but it is supposed to be very hot, so likely not too big of an issue.

One day, I get to travel to a rural hospital to work with the one orthopaedist they have on staff. I will also be lecturing to the nursing school about wound care and splinting. I had some help translating my presentations, as no one speaks English, and the main languages are Creole and French.

I've been told the bugs are biting and have started my malaria prophylaxis. I have little idea of what is in store, but I couldn't be more excited. Will try to update the blog every other day.

And we are off!



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