My Most Favorite Landscapes From TravelBlog..........................

Oceans and Seas
August 6th 2009
Published: August 20th 2009
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One of my favorite pages on TravelBlog to explore is the "Travel Photos" tab. Its a temporary escape from my stationary life and the stresses of work. The pictures transport me to far off places through breathtaking photographs rated highly by other travelers on the site. Essentially they make me lust for the next big trip! Please take the time to explore the specific entries- I think they are some of the most impressive that TravelBlog has to offer.

You might notice a curious absence of landscapes from this collection- Ive posted 2 other similar entries.
One with just portraits:
My Most Favorite Portraits From TravelBlog.............................

One with just food and drink(in progress!):
My Most Favorite Food From TravelBlog....................................


·.´¯·.´¯·.´¯·.¸¸.·´¯· Steve ·.¸¸.·´¯·.´¯·.¸¸.·´¯·.¸><(((º>



July 20th 2007


July 20th 2007
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October 22nd 2006
How Bazaar!


14th August 2009

Lovely blog
And why are none of your photos included???
15th August 2009

OK!!!!! I'm saving my money
Steven!!! you have done a wonderful job making a mess of the lives of other people. These pictures inspire me to use any stimulus funds I may ever receive to continue my world travels... You are to be commended. My OLD TRUCK will do for anothe 5 or 10 years. Thank - you!!!!! Jake
20th August 2009

once again... well done!
another well orchestrated eclectic mixture of color and texture from the world... thanks buddy.
20th August 2009

Great job, Stephen. Now i don't have to look through each and every blog. These photos will lead me to them! Thanks a zillion.
20th August 2009

Great pics! :)
20th August 2009

Thank you
Thank you for this tough work you did. Excellent. Love, from Argentina.
20th August 2009

This lot is what makes us grab the cams and head out!!! Awesome stuff.
21st August 2009

That's funny....
That's funny... when I'm feeling stressed at work I think 'let's look at Stephen Paul's photos for 5 mins'. They always make me feel better :o)
22nd August 2009

Stunning, we live in such a beautiful world. Fantastic job.
26th August 2009

Awsome Collection - We invite you
Stephen, I escaped today from the tensions of the day looking through your portfolio of travel moments. As an editor and owner of an online website for couples planning their honeymoons, we struggle with a lack of staff talented and available to capture such moments and share with our couples. We are small and poor, so we are at this time unable to pay fees which would be justifiably due you for your outstanding work. Should you want at any time to share any of your photos for posting on our website,, please let me know. We would be honored to highlight you and your bio with an address for viewing. Appreciably Yours, Ron

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