A cold day at sea

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May 10th 2012
Published: June 11th 2017
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Geo: 23.8055, -143.789

Because we lost another hour today we ended up sleeping in a while before we met the girls for breakfast at Beach Blanket Buffet. After Breakfast the girls went their way and Nikki and I went for a little walk and to look at photos in Shutters.

After our walk we went to the Art of Entertaining demonstration where we learned to cook veal cutlets with couscous. It was delicious.

Then Nikki went off to a scrapbook class and Regan, Kelsie and I went to a Disney Parks Music Trivia. Kelsie's friend Grace joined us. We won the competition and got hats and water bottles.

Then Kelsie and Grace went off to have more fun while Nikki, Regan and I went to lunch at Pinocchio’s Pizzaria and Pluto’s Dog House. Today was overcast and windy with a high of 66. The winds were about 45 miles per hour so it was pretty cold up on deck.

After lunch we watched the Va’a competition. People were able to build ships while we were on the ship then the va’a had to float in the hot tub for 1 minute with a full can of soda in it. It was fun.

It was cold out so we decided to go to our room to warm up a little and change before we headed up to Afternoon Tea at Palo. Regan, Nikki, I were joined by Carol for tea.

After Palo Nikki and I strolled around the ship, relaxed and then went to dinner. Tonight we were in Parrot Cay with the Master Chef’s Menu. None of us were very hungry so dinner was light tonight.

Nikki and I took our nightly stroll outside after dinner. Tonight was the first time nobody else was on the promenade deck because it was cold and windy. Regan went to the gym to work out and Kelsie went off with her friends. Nikki and I went to see Disney Nature Chimpanzee and Regan joined us.

After the show Nikki and Regan went to see John Charles.

Ric: Tomato and Mozarella salad and Cobb Salad
Nikki: Fruit cup, Cobb Salad and date pudding
Regan: Shrimp with feta, chicken fingers and cheesecake
Kelsie: Cheese soufflé, succotash soup and lime chicken.

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13th May 2012

love this picture!

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