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April 25th 2019
Published: April 25th 2019
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Hello from the Pacific Ocean. This has been another restful and reasonably quiet day at sea. We have actually had terrific weather thus far on the trip, but today has turned cooler. It probably did not get into the 80’s today and with a breeze across the deck of almost 40 knots (20 from the ship’s speed and 20 from the true headwind). For that reason there were practically no people in the pools today and only a few folks in the hot tubs. Around the outside decks there were still some people using the deck chairs, but generally bundled up in several layers of pool towels to keep themselves warm. There certainly were very few people truly sun bathing, even wearing their swimming suits.

We got up this morning after a fairly good night’s sleep. We both had a little trouble coughing last night when we first went to bed, but once we got past those coughing fits we slept fairly well. We went to the Horizon Court for a light breakfast because we already had lunch plans for just a few hours later. Then Janet went on to her Knitting Meeting and her friends were happy to see that she had not jumped overboard yesterday (she had missed that meeting). David took his book and went to the Piazza to read for an hour while the steward cleaned our cabin. He then went back and rested until Janet returned shortly before noon.

We went down to the final Pub Lunch of the cruise. This time we were able to get Fish & Chips – the fryer was working again. We were glad to have had the traditional British lunch, but in retrospect the Prawns & Chips was actually better last time. Oh well – maybe we are just getting hard to please. Instead of having the dessert (bread pudding) we went to the International Café and got a couple of pieces of strawberry shortcake. Janet also got a new coffee drink made from bananas.

After lunch we went to the cabin and had a quiet afternoon. Janet got a short nap and then watched a movie on the TV (2nd Best Exotic Marigold Hotel) while she worked on her next needlework project. David went for a walk around the decks and to pick up a couple of bottles of water for our cabin. This must sound like a pretty boring time in our vacation, but we call it “restful” instead. The ship’s daily newsletter announces all the activities which are planned throughout the ship. There are usually multiple activities at the same time, but we just aren’t really interested in them any longer. In our early days of cruising we used to try to get to as many things as possible, but now we are just enjoying cruising quietly.

This afternoon we got dressed for dinner and went to the Crooner’s Bar for an early cocktail – we chose from the Decadent Martini menu. Today Janet had a Milky Way and David had a Chocolate Mint. Then we went on to dinner. We both had the shrimp cocktail. Janet then had Orange Roughy and David had Prime Rib. For aperitifs Janet had a glass of Bailey’s with her coffee and David had a glass of Grand Marnier.

We went on to the Princess Theater. This evening the performer was one of the ship’s singers who gave a special performance about Tenors. For someone who is normally part of the company performers, he did a really nice job.

We received our Disembarkation package for when we arrive in California. We have a late flight Saturday so we don’t disembark the ship until about 10:50. We lose another hour on the clock tonight. We think this will put us back on California time. That’s about all for tonight.


25th April 2019

Nice description of your trip.
Thank you for taking the time to detail your trip. It gives us an idea of what to expect should we chose this trip in the future. Our future cruise plans are the Baltic cruise in August and then we think Great Britian and Ireland again, because there is more we want to see and experience again. After that, it is up in the air. We are glad you have had a successful trip. Cruising is really quite nice. Jerry and Joyce

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