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April 15th 2019
Published: April 15th 2019
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Happy Anniversary to Mike & Elizabeth! Happy #7 – we hope you had a good day!

Today was a restful sea day. The temperature on the TV at noon said 86 degrees and it was very sunny all day. We have only had a couple of small rain showers ever since we left Los Angeles, and they were both while we were somewhere at sea. We have traveled more than 5000 miles so far and were currently at 164W and 15S while heading ESE. The depth under the keel is about 5000 meters, which is pretty deep. That completes the noon report.

We slept in today since there were no shore excursions and then we went to the dining room for breakfast. We sat with some military veterans and exchanged stories about things we had gone through “back in the day”. Meanwhile we had a delicious breakfast.

Janet went to Knitting but today they had moved the meeting to the Wheelhouse Bar. David did a load of laundry in the laundromat. He was able to find a machine right off and it basically provided an extended opportunity to read some of his book – he is still on the 2nd book for this vacation.

We met in the cabin and watched some TV and sorted out photos until 1:00. The good news is that pictures have been added to both days from the Samoa Islands. The bad news is that we did not take any pictures today. We hope you were able to go back and see some of those other pictures.

At 1:00 we went to the Lido Deck and got slices of pizza for lunch. Then we took the computer to the Internet Café (where we get a stronger WiFi signal) and did some household business and posted some of the pictures. Then about 3:00 David went to the indoor pool for a refreshing swim. Anyone who is on a competitive swimming team would scoff at these pools, but they are fine for splashing around and getting cool. Then he went out on the deck for a little while to dry off in a deckchair in the sun (must have been nearly 90 by mid-day). Meanwhile Janet got some time to relax in the cabin and do some more of her cross-stitch project and get a little nap too.

At 4:30 we went up to the lounge for a cocktail and some smoked salmon and cheeses as appetizers. Then we had a good dinner in the dining room. Janet had the braised beef and David has lamb chops. We had previously had shrimp cocktail, and a couple of bowls of soup (beef consume and baked potato). Janet skipped dessert and David had a serving of panna cotta.

The show in the theater this evening was a magician named Alex Ramon. We made certain NOT to sit in the front where we might have gotten drafted to go on stage. The show had a bunch of “magic” which we were not able to figure out. It also had a lot of humor and was almost a comedian show. Anyway, we enjoyed it.

We got an e-mail this evening from the electric company asking whether we had a power outage – they had a wind storm at home. Hopefully they figure it out long before we get back to town.

Tonight we lose an hour of sleep – it is time to start paying back those extra hours of sleep we had gotten earlier in the cruise. FYI … the TV said it was still 88 degrees at 9:30.


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