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November 10th 2009
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Its been our final week now in Australia. Just to keep it simple and try our best not to ramble on like a good un, we have filled our last week in Sydney with lots of exciting things. Some included staying for a week in the red light district of Sydney called Kings Cross. Here we tried our best to pimp out ourselves but unfortunatly they couldnt understand the exchange rate and tax was a problem, so we just went out on day trips instead!
Things to do which we did in Sydney:

Walked on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge,
Walked around the opera house,
Walked on Bondi Beach where all the beautiful people are, needless to say we fitted in nicely there!
Went to Manly Beach and bought a pair of thongs, I looked great on the beach wearing those aswell as my shorts!
Walked upon a replica of the HMS Endeavor, Captain Cooks Ship,
Went to the Australian Maritime Museum and walked on board a destroyer and submarine,
Took a boat ride, well a ferry which took us to Manly, got a few more photos of the bridge and Opera house!
Went to China town, did you know they even have a Mc Donalds there!
And to top all of our crazy adventures we ate steak nearly every night.... Living the Australian dream!

Next stop now is Singapore, then on to Mumbai and finally to Goa.
So we'll be in touch again the next time we get access to the internet.

Speak to you soon!

Love Lisab and Wic who are going around the world in more than 80 days


10th November 2009

jealous as hell
So bottom line, is New Zealanders are really friendly and ozzys don't give a sh*t. Must say I am v jealous of all yr travels. Looking forward to yr mumbai/ goa blogs, reminiscing in anticipation. Funniest moment: the midget comment, really tickled me that one. Feeling it, big smiles for the Lincolnshire travellers n to times well spent! We'll get round to that drink eventually ric, you'll have enough stories to rival jackanory. Whatever will the rasen mail think! Warm regards ;-) Adam.

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