December 30th

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December 31st 2008
Published: December 31st 2008
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Tasman Sea, New Zealand/Australia - December 30th - 6:39pm
Well today has been an interesting day thus far. I tossed and turned all night because I slept so much yesterday. Still not feeling great but I am feeling a bit better.

I got up at 9am to prepare for my interview. Lee and I wrote down a few notes and key words for me to say during the interview. I was going to watch the Secret for a bit but I don’t know what happened to it, I think Lee stole it from me.

I got dressed and went up to the office early to print out my resume. I was being interviewed by Luc and Jim (Training and Development officer). The interview was a little bit of a joke since Luc knows the situation with me and wanting to become Shore ex. Right before we went up Luc asked Lee if he wanted to join us, since Lee is training to become manager it was perfect. So Lee sat in as well.

Luc asked me the general questions, why do you want this job and why do you think you would be an asset to the team, etc. Lee asked the more difficult questions but since he told me what to say he was just hinting at me to elaborate on things. He asked me about my computer skills and said on a scale of average, good, very good, or excellent what would you rate them…Well Lee I’d have to say Excellent! Lol I was a little nervous but when I realized that Lee would be there, I was fine. It was very easy, a lot of common sense. So now we just play the waiting game and see what Luc and Jim say. Luc said that he’d talk to Jim and get back to me in the next couple days with his honest opinion. So I’ll keep you updated.
I didn’t do too much else today. Lee was done work at about 12 and we were both hungry. Since he can’t go upstairs because it was so busy I had a quick bite and brought him food to the room. I crashed after lunch. Took a nice long nap, but mainly tossed and turned. Still trying to get over this cold, I do feel better but we’ll see if I make it to dinner tonight.

December 31st
Well I didn’t make it to dinner. Lee and I were supposed to go up to the main dining room for dinner but I wasn’t feeling well at all. I tried to go to the show but I had a splitting headache and couldn’t breathe because of my stupid nose. So I called it a night. I was going to take a nap and see how I felt but apparently I slept right through till today and I didn’t get up for dinner. Lee said I was dead to the world for like 13 hours.


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