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March 6th 2014
Published: March 7th 2014
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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Today is the first of three days at sea as head back to Sydney, Australia to end our cruise, L. Cindy and I were up fairly early this morning, you think being a sea day we would sleep in more, not today.

We ate in the dining room this morning. The last few days we ate in the Windjammer buffet. Cindy and I ate the ham/cheese omelet. One thing I have done a lot of during the cruise is eat a lot bread. This morning I ate a croissant. Our table mates for breakfast were all from Austrulia. I believe I mentioned in a prior blog entry that a majority of the cruise is from Australia. One of our table mates was two older Australian ladies and they were here with a group of quilters. Apparently, during the day, they occupy two large conference rooms on deck 2. Before the cruise they had prepare some of their quilts and while on board they finished some of the quilts and displayed in the conference room for competitive voting. Cindy said they are also attending classes. Our other breakfast table mates were a younger couple teenage kids. The kids did not join us, rather they were sleeping in. The couple was super nice. Everyone I have met from Australia over the years is super nice.

Following breakfast, Cindy went down to visit the quilters and actually voted on one of the quilts. Todd returned to the room to work on his blog some. Once Cindy returned from the quilting display, she worked on organizing her photos and queued them up to post. This morning we also found a spot where we could skype Jenny. We really did not do much this morning.

Prior to going to lunch, Cindy and I headed to the Royal Promenade to watch the special dance with the DreamWorks characters, Shrek and Princess Fiona. They danced on one of the balconies in the Promenade. After their songs, they came down to pose for pictures. Cindy and I queued up in the line full of families. Cindy wanted to get our pictures taken with them; I also posed for the team, haha. I actually wanted my picture taken with Shrek. When our turn came up to be photo’d Cindy and I posed in the middle of the two of them. When I went to raise my hand and put it around Princess Fiona back, I wacked her head. I did not knock off her custom head, however came close. Yikes.

For lunch today, we decided to eat in a place that costs a little extra. Royal Princess has a Johnny Rockets on board. It is located on the 12th floor and looks just like a US Johnny Rockets. The additional charge is $4.95 per person, all you can eat burgers, fries, and onion rings. When we were sat in the restaurant, they brought us a side of onion rings and french fires to get us started. For lunch each of us ordered and ate a huge hamburger and ordered a malt shake. About 30 minutes into our lunch, several of the waiters danced to the music that was playing. I have memories of this when there was a Johnny Rockets in Katy, Texas. Our burger was super big and really filled us up.

Following lunch, we went to the 19th hole bar and skyped Michael. It was so awesome getting to see the kids’ faces and talking to them. The 19th hole bar is awesome. The bar stools are shaped like a golf tee with the seat as a golf ball. The flooring looked like a putting green and sand traps. The bar tables in the bar were glass, however they were shaped like a putting green with a flag in the putting green hole. I attached is a photo of this bar.

Following skyping Michael, we decided to get into our swim wear and head to the adult pool area to just relax. We found an area in the shade and nestled in for a relaxing rest of the day. We actually dosed off for a little napage. This is exactly what we needed for the end of our trip.

We returned to our room after spending time at the pool and got dressed for dinner. As we have been doing since the cruise started, we visited one of the many bars on the ship for a cocktail. Tonight we returned to the Aquarium bar. The service was good here. We ordered the drink of the day, Pirates Punch. The description of this drink, provided by the cruise is, “a delicious and refreshing orange and pineapple juices served on the rocks with captain morgan rum grenadine and blackberry brandy. This was a really good drink.

Before going to dinner, we posed for professional photos. These photos were casual this evening. Dinner was really good again, we have really enjoyed talking to our table mates. We really like interacting with each other and learning something new about each other every night. Tonight we exchanges email and home addresses. Each of the three couples all welcomed us to come visit with them next time we are in Australia. We love Australia and are very excited to know that we have several new friends.

The food this evening at dinner was good. For appetizers, Cindy ate a salad and Todd ate prawns and a crab leg. Cindy ate a pasta dish and Todd ate a fish dish. For dessert, Cindy ate a piece of cake and Todd had a chocolate dessert and baklava with mint dessert. All diet foods, haha.

Following dinner, we hustled down to the Schooner bar to participate in the evening trivia contest. Tonight the theme was musical tunes from Broadway shows. Our team came in second; we were so close, but far away. We missed musicals like Rent.

The entertainment for the evening was with the entire cast, the theme for the evening was Broadway Rhythm and Rhyme. They did a really great job in this show. It was very entertaining.

Following the show, there was an event called the Quest Adult game. We headed over to see what it was; however there were long lines, so we ended deciding to go back to the room. We were not sure if we could get in.

Tomorrow is our second of three sea days in a row on our journey back to Sydney. Stay tuned for my Friday’s blog.

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